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What do we offer?

At Employment Innovations, we offer payroll software and support and outsourced payroll services to businesses in New Zealand.

This end-to-end payroll solution is delivered by our dedicated support services to reduce risk, save money and improve productivity. Gain confidence that your compliance requirements are always met.

Our payroll service are powered by KeyPay, one of the top software providers for small business payroll and medium business.

KeyPay is an end-to-end workforce management system with extensive rostering, time and attendance features.

KeyPay is an end-to-end workforce management system with extensive rostering, time, and attendance features.

Our complete payroll service

Payroll Software
EI Payroll brings together the feature-packed payroll software supported by local implementation teams and payroll specialists who advise on all areas of payroll to ensure your processing is efficient, secure, accurate and compliant with Pay Conditions and ATO rules.
Outsourced Payroll
Save up to 75% of your payroll overhead costs with our fully outsourced payroll service. This end-to-end solution provides you with a dedicated payroll partner to manage the processing and reporting requirements for each pay run, delivered by locally-based partners in our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth offices.
Confused by the Fair Work Act or concerned you may not be making compliant payroll decisions? Our HR and payroll advisors are supported by in-house workplace lawyers. EI Payroll provides the technology and experience to ensure peace-of-mind when it comes to payroll compliance, workplace relations and Fair Work matters within your business.
Dedicated Payroll Officer
Remove risk with a dedicated payroll officer who will become very familiar with your business, its people, and any unique payroll requirements, providing a seamless extension of your team.
Time & Attendance
Processing payroll is an essential business operation, but the way in which employees work their shifts is not. Enjoy flexible timesheet and casual payroll solutions with KeyPay’s time tracking software. Catering for multiple versions of shift types, salaried payroll, along with start and finish times has never been easier. This seamlessly integrates with our full payroll software solution.
Award Interpretation
Our award interpretation engine is a powerful extension of our outsourced payroll service and payroll software, and automatically calculates pays across penalty rates, overtime rules and conditional allowances from raw timesheet data. The engine is flexible and can handle employment conditions included in Modern Awards, individual contracts and enterprise agreements.
Software Integration
Our outsourced payroll and workforce management solutions come with powerful functionality that integrates with major platforms such as QuickBooks, Deputy, Xero and Netsuite to make your payroll experience seamless.
Single Touch Payroll
This ATO compliance regulation is mandatory for every business in Australia.
EI’s payroll solutions, powered by KeyPay, are STP-ready and ATO compliant. Gain faster processing and reduced risk, and ensure that you are always compliant with payroll and tax obligations.
Through your self-service access you will never lose visibility or control of your data as you will have real-time access to a complete suite of over 30 reports and the ability to create your own reports from any datapoint within the software.
Payroll Processing
Our outsourced payroll ensures that payroll processing is completed in a streamlined, efficient and compliant fashion. We process payroll using locally outsourced teams. Monthly and fortnightly processing is included in our outsourced payroll service, and weekly for an additional fee.

Payroll Solutions

Payroll Software

Outsourced Payroll

Payroll Compliance

Dedicated Payroll Officer

Time & Attendance

Software Integration


Payroll Processing

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Employment Innovations Payroll Service

Features & Benefits

We leverage advance payroll software to complete your pay runs, reporting, award interpretation and compliance, so you can focus on the important things. We’re an expert-run, fully managed payroll service providing the best for Australian business.



Benefit from extensive reporting, including IRD submissions, ACC deductions and for KiwiSaver contributions.


Integrate payroll automation with IRD Gateway Services and your cloud-based Accounting and HR and rostering systems.

Leave management

Access online timesheets, leave management and employee portal for leave applications consistent with the Holidays Act.


Pay conditions

Experience the best in pay conditions automation.


Ensure you’re up and running in no time with confidence thanks to our proven payroll implementation processes.


We take care of the end-to-end payroll processing of your employee salaries (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Local support

Enjoy support from our dedicated payroll experts, backed by a team of HR and legal professionals.

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